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"Being a great model is being vulnerable. And in a selfie situation, you are not vulnerable at all."
-Kyle Hagler - President of Next Model Management
If you are an aspiring model, most of the prestigious model agencies are interested in new models that meet these criteria:
1. You are between 14 and 22 years old
2. Your height is from 170 to 182 cm
3. Your waist up to 63 cm, your hips up to 90 cm
To help you evaluate if you qualify for that kind of career or guide you and help you build your own career as a model, please send us your current Polaroid photos? Which means photos were taken on natural light, but not direct sunlight, more likely a light when you see on cloudy days. Or alternatively not direct sunlight from a window. Regarding the makeup on the face, please without makeup or with minimal/clean/simple/natural makeup. Make sure you are wearing something form fitting. Any tight clothing that can show your body proportions are great. The photos might not be professional photos, they can be simple snapshot photos taken even with your phone camera. Please send us several shots such as the full-length, 3/4, close-up and profile photos like those you'll see on the sample image below. Thank you and good luck in your endeavors!

Credits for the example photos above are kindly provided from the Elite Model Management's website.
There is a useful video provided by IMG Models, to get an idea of what they are looking for when they are hiring new faces. As a side note, you probably know that they are considered as the number 1 model in the world. In addition to that, we want you to share your current measurements as well as to get to know you a little bit better. For that reason, please download and answer the questionnaire form in the following link:
I plan to create an eBook on that topic: "How to become a better model?"
Donations are highly appreciated!

Also, make sure that you don't check videos below, we would love to inform you that we are not sharing more inspirations for passionate models :-)

Hi Guys, we are also planning to launch new training programs for aspiring models. If you are interested for more info, please contact our studio.
You will have an opportunity to learn:
- how to pose like a supermodel
- what to do in front of the camera during photo shoots and video productions that really works
- how to be authentic, present and unleash your full potential
- how to develop your skills, habits and really grow to become the next Coco Rocha
The course includes also:
- Practice - 4 actual photo sessions in our studio or on location, or in your studio if you want to fly me over. ;-)
- Lifetime online mentorship from an active respected fashion and commercial photographer.
A little motivational message and what you have to expect from a training program?
Have you ever signed up for a training program and 2 weeks later you fell off the program? I've seen that for thousands of people, and trust me everybody fall off the programs. Actually it is really difficult to make it as a model, even if you won the genetic lottery. And Yes, it is possible to make it and you can have an amazing life, travelling all over the world, earn a lot of money, achieve great success and your dream as weird as it could sounds. Of course, it is not going to be and easy, you will have to do the work so be prepared to put in the time, energy and lots of dedication! I know that those things work because they are tested by me and many other people around the world. Why I do that? Because I want to help, contribute and if there is a gift that I can give to anyone that I believe it will change their life for the better permanently. It wouldn't be a cool exercise, a small tip or a new way to get stronger. It would actually be to understand how your personality works efficiently and how to always optimize the process by changing your habits. I must worn you though. It won't be an easy fix, actually it is very hard and difficult that is why we all need a lot of help in this area. You need a coach! You know you are going to fall off the program. Trust me! EVERYBODY FALLS OFF THE PROGRAM! EVERYONE FALLS OFF THE PROGRAM SOONER OR LATER. That is why all greats have coaches. Michael Jordan had a coach, because he didn’t want to fall off the program. Don't underestimate the courage and the intensity that is required for that change to happen! You need a real support! You need a buster kind of guy! You need somebody like me that can keep pushing you! ;-)
Try this life-changing training program for 30 days. If you don’t love it, you’ll get a complete refund. 
I’ve removed all risk to you. I believe in the program that much. You can’t afford not to try this. 
So make the decision that will deliver the results you’ve always dreamed of. 
Other Services: 1 Hour of Skype or Phone Call Coaching Session, If you really want to step up your game, and you are interested in how to dress sharp in front of the camera, improve your styling, hair and makeup, how to prepare yourself, how to improvise, behave and get your act together on your sessions and learn what really works for your photos, videos, catwalks, fashion shows, etc. You can always book 1 hour of Skype or Phone Coaching Call Session. Just write me 3-4 short paragraphs of your situation and we can schedule a call in a time that is convenient for you.